Case Study

Contact Center Automation

Case Study

Contact Center Automation

Our Client

Our Client is one of the TOP-10 Eastern European Banks by the size of authorized capital. The Bank holds leading positions in the field of International Settlements, Currency Transactions and Servicing Foreign Economic Operations of the state and clients.

The Contact Center is one of the main remote customer service channels in the Bank. Significantly increased Contact Center workload in the recent years has negatively affected the quality and speed of service.
  • There is no single Customer Service Solution

    • customer data is scattered across multiple systems
    • contact center employees have to work with several windows at the same time
  • A high number of manual operations

    • Manual customer data search in multiple systems
    • Manual data transfer between multiple systems
    • Manual processing means a loss of time
  • The decline in the quality and speed of Customer Service

    • a high risk of customer churn
    • decreased customer loyalty
One of the Bank's main goals is to create the most comfortable Customer Service experience. To achieve this, the Client highlighted the following objectives: Contact Center Automation and Development of a Single Customer Service Application
Our Team identified the following steps:
  • To choose a platform/framework to create a targeted solution

  • To analyze the Customer's needs, form technical and business requirements

  • To develop and implement the targeted solution that will simplify and systematize the Customer Service process, as well as make it as fast and efficient as possible

  • To create a roadmap for further development of the solution
To create a targeted solution, our Team chose the Pega Customer Service framework which meets all the Client’s requirements.
Project Timeline
Pega Call. First Stage

As a result of the first stage of Contact Center automation, the Bank's employees received an up-to-date and easy to use solution that allows them to automate the core customer management processes.

Pega Call. Second Stage.
Our Team has planned the development of additional functionality.
As a result of the First Stage of Contact Center automation, the Bank's employees received an up-to-date and easy to use solution that allows them to automate the core Customer Management processes.
The implemented solutions of the First Stage
  • Integration with Cisco UCCX and Cisco Finesse
  • Inbound and outbound customer service calls
  • Automatic Customer Identification
  • Customer Support
  • 40 points of integration with ABS Equation to receive and update customer data
  • Warm Transfer (the process of transferring customers’ calls between operators)
  • Scripts and prompts configuration during the service
  • System Settings Management at the Business User level
  • Management of Customer Cards (creating/checking for duplicates/editing/searching/viewing changes)
  • Customer data management: Collecting and storing customer service information including the history of interactions
As a result of the Second Stage
our Team has planned the development of
additional functionalities
  • The use of Artificial Intelligence (Next Best Action) to offer Customers the best personalized deals
  • Support for additional Communication Channels (chats, WhatsApp, etc.)
  • Product and Service Management directly from the Customer Card
  • Integration with the Bank’s Marketing System for marketing campaign data exchange
  • Displaying relationships between customers and companies, the ability to switch between interconnected cards
  • Automated Outbound Call Campaigns
  • Website requests processing


The average customer request processing time has been reduced by simplifying and systematizing the work of the Bank's employees
An up-to-date and easy to use solution has been implemented for the Bank's employees, which allows providing Customer Service in a "single window" mode
The foundation for further Customer Service Channels Automation has been built
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