Methodology and teams

Our methodology accumulates industry best practices along with our Pega knowledge and experience to ensure fast delivery of top quality solutions

Our culture

Smart approach

While our experience gives us a solution for almost any challenge that may arise on a Pega project, our smart approach guarantees that each solution we deliver is adjusted to fit unique requirements and landscape of each customer and project.
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Senior System Architects
System Architects
Business Architects
Marketing Consultants

We have a unique expertise in adopting DevOps practices on Pega projects and delivering Pega solutions in timely manner and with predictable quality. We achieve this by following four key practices


Code review

Comprehensive and interactive code review is an important part of our methodology that helps us to identify and address possible issues early, promote collective code ownership and simplify onboarding of new team members.


Unit testing

We go far beyond OOB capabilities provided by Pega Platform and use 3rd party testing frameworks allowing to reach more than 80% coverage of executable rules, which in turn means continuous regression testing.


Delivery automation

We try to fully remove manual routines from delivery process by automating build and deploy procedures of every single component composing the solution and creating end-to-end delivery pipelines.


Continuous inspection

Our teams have fully adopted continuous inspection practices to track application quality at each step of delivery process and improve reliability of application that reaches end-users.

Our teams empowered with our smart methodology deliver more value with less defects and in timely and predictable manner.


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