Pega 8.6 Research


Pega Process Fabric ia a new concept of case monitoring and management for remote applications. App Studio is increasingly becoming a universal development tool. New features are given below

  • Configuring initial initialization of case instances with data.
  • Using a new Step in Case Life Cycle Management — Run Data Transform
  • Applying and running predictive models directly from a case
  • Using a new type of cases  Questionnaires


Cosmos React UI is a new engine release for rendering screen forms. Let us look what is inside and how this affects user interface

  • Selecting UI: type (classic, server-side Theme Cosmos, Cosmos React) and reasons
  • Configuring UI with a new type of rules — View
  • Updating portal elements in Theme Cosmos applications
  • Creating UI with third-party tools


Consider what’s new in user interaction via conversational channels and how the new version improves real-world model deployment

  • Improved management of multiple models. Feature added: initial validation of a new model with real data
  • Functionality added: intelligent analysis for conversational channels of user interaction. Both the built-in Pega-NLP model and third-party models can be used
  • New features added for integration with the Kafka data set


Significant improvements have been made to Data Integration, especially for JSON Data Transform in Service-REST. Other major improvements are given below

  • Specifying a proxy when calling the REST connector
  • Improved E-mail infrastructure
  • Sending email notifications via the Microsoft Graph API
  • Validating JSON via YAML when using Automation rules


Pega added amazing new features to enhance user interaction. Among them are Conversational Flows and various Email Channel improvements

  • Message forwarding
  • Message branding
  • Associating incoming messages with cases (both automatically and manually)
  • Building message chains


Application Development in Pega 8.6 is almost entirely implies changes to App Studio. The App Studio functionality is extended to better support the Pega Express methodology. New features are given below

  • Adjusting Application Details
  • Configuring permissions to access Persona
  • Storing application settings in Configuration Sets
  • Decision Table

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