We provide a wide range of Pega Services from roadmap and planning through implementation and delivery to migration and upgrade.

Process mining

To avoid unnecessary changes to requirements and implementation, it is crucial to get a whole picture of a business process along with its bottlenecks and points for improvements before actually optimizing that process. That is why we have a number of process mining services to offer:

  • Process data capturing
  • Business process visualization
  • Bottleneck identification

Roadmap & planning

Project prototyping and inception is very important because it allows to see what the actual implementation will look like. It is also important to choose the right technologies and business architecture. Based on these decisions a proper project plan, roadmap and sizing are created. For the proper planning we provide these services:

  • Project inception and prototyping
  • Business architecture and technology
  • Project planning and sizing


Successful delivery requires qualified and balanced teams. We may provide you either with a well-trained team equipped with our tools and methodology or with individual highly skilled professionals. Our implementation services include:

  • Solution architecture
  • Business and system analysis
  • Implementation and QA
  • Delivery automation

Technical audit

In order to have an application that is sustainable and ready for growth, you have to use platform in way it was meant to be. To determine this and outline potential points of improvements, we provide these technical audit services:

  • Technical debt identification
  • Early detection of performance issues
  • Usability review
  • Improvements roadmap

Upgrade & Migration

Rapid development and introduction of new deployment models are Pega Platform’s great values. It is important to update in a timely manner to benefit from platform’s new features and deployment models that work best for you. That is why we also provide upgrade and migration services:

  • No-downtime upgrade to Pega Infinity
  • Cloud infrastructure migration advisory
  • Container deployment migration guidance

Center of Excellence

Many clients seek to establish an internal center of excellence to ensure a balanced growth of Pega applications and a unified approach to Pega application development. For these clients we provide the following services:

  • Establishing CoE
  • Training teams
  • Adopting DevOps
  • Setting up pipelines

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